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Scarlet Spider 2017 Costume…Ben Reilly Stole it!

I kinda like the new Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider costume. Even though he won’t have it long. Reportedly at least. He’s suppose to go back to his classic costume at the end of the first story arc. It’s fine, maybe I’ll be able to get this one back then.

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Ben Reilly – The Scarlet Spider – Which Costume You Prefer?

It seems as though Marvel is backtracking on The Scarlet Spider’s new costume. Newsarama reported that Ben’s new costume is temporary and he will be returning back to his classic Scarlet Spider costume at the end of the first story arc. Honestly his new costume looks more like a combo of Spider-Gwen and Spidercide’s costume to me anyway. You may be asking, who is Spidercide? Well…

Have you read the Clone Saga in the Spider-Man books of the 90s? It was a continuation of a 70s story where Peter...

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New Scarlet Spider Comic Book Coming Out – FINALLY!

Peter David, a badass writer who has done many past series, including the original Young Justice comic book is supposedly writing the new Scarlet Spider series from Marvel Comics. Ben Reilly, Peter Parker’s clone and also known as the Scarlet Spider and later took the mantle of Spider-Man, has been dead for years. Other than some alternate continuity and one-off stories, he has remained dead as well...

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