Scarlet Spider 2017 Costume…Ben Reilly Stole it!

I kinda like the new Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider costume. Even though he won’t have it long. Reportedly at least. He’s suppose to go back to his classic costume at the end of the first story arc. It’s fine, maybe I’ll be able to get this one back then.

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Spider 2017 Costume…Ben Reilly Stole it!

  1. Dammit, Paul! Why didn’t you call me?

    You know you can always turn to me when a superhero leaves you tied up and naked in a bathroom. I mean, I had a camera ready and ev…

    Never mind!

  2. That costume looks really good on you. Damn that Jackal. Let’s hope psycho Ben doesn’t tear it up too much or stain it with his special “web fluid” ;D

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