Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Arsenio’s Arsenal

Have you met Arsenio? Holy hell, this sexy cosplayer does some fracking badass costumes. He ranges from Spider-Man to Power Rangers and everything in between. I have met him a couple times at various conventions and I’m always amazed at how well his costumes turn out. He totally gets into his characters and makes each of his costumes all his own.

What’s great is that Arsenio also makes both the superhero costumes and in a lot of cases, their alter egos. One great example is that he makes a great Daredevil but makes an even better Matt Murdock. In fact, he’s probably the best Murdock I have ever seen. He could be Charlie Cox’s brother.

Arsenio is also an super nice guy and I’m just going to say, he has an AWESOME ass. Like really awesome. He needs to show that off much more often. Here’s a collection of some of his costume pics. Check out his Facebook and Instagram page in the links below.

Check out Arsenio’s Facebook page at:

Arsenio’s Instragram:

4 thoughts on “Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – Arsenio’s Arsenal

  1. These all look amazing. And that one post about calling him daddy, lol. I don’t blame her. I’d call him daddy too. haha

  2. Holly frack! He’s HOT!

    When I saw him in the Spider-Man 2099 cosplay (which, by the way, looked excellent!) my eyes drifted down to his ass and I thought ‘wow!’ You are absolutely correct there, Paulie.

    Who was that Reverse-Flash posing with him, tho? He looks… familiar.

  3. His costumes look really well done. Who is that hot Reverse-Flash with him in Pic #19? I’d like to see more of him 🙂

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