110 Degrees In Tucson – TitanMen Classic UNCUT Movie Review

I cannot say how much I love this movie. It is arguably one of the best TitanMen movies of all time. I have personally jerked off to it more than 50 times. The Blu Kennedy scene alone makes this one of the most memorable movies.

Joe Gage is an artist and I love how he puts so much work into his movies. The background, the change in scenes, the running theme, all of it together is incredible. I will definitely say that this movie is completely jizz-worthy!

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This Movie stars: Blu FUCKING Kennedy

blu 1

Ray Dragon

Ray Dragon

Bryce Pierce

Bryce Pierce

Nathan York

Nathan York DADDY

Damon Demarco

Damon Demarco

4 thoughts on “110 Degrees In Tucson – TitanMen Classic UNCUT Movie Review

  1. I agree however it misses the perfect 10 and maybe even my all time favorite due to it not being bareback. With the level of artistry that exists in Joe Gage films, the continued presence of condoms makes absolutely no sense and by today’s greater understanding of HIV sense a much more dangerous message. Of course models should be regularly tested and then not be eligible for hire or continued employment should they be positive. First, porn is fantasy and because of the that the presence of a condoms IN porn is a turn off to me. It is also dated. Studios first began showing condoms during the height of the crisis, when they did not know what the hell was going on. It was the morally right thing to do. 30 years later we know a lot more including that the use of a condemn is NOT a 100% safeguard. If someone has tested positive and you still have sex them while using a condom, that is still very risky. Granted not as risky as going without, but still risky. Also straight porn continues to be predominately condomless like it always has been. The continued insistence of condoms in gay porn actually now promotes two very dangerous falsehoods: that HIV is still a only gay disease and that even if you knowingly have sex with someone who is positive a condom will guarantee non-transmission. Get rid of the condoms, especially in high level, artistic films like 110 degrees in Tuscon.

  2. OMG This is the movie that cop-pulls-the-boys-over scene is from!? I’ve never made it through the whole clip, for obvious reasons. That Blu Kennedy scene was hot as fuck too. But the ending with the piercings….just can’t. More power to the fans of that though. I’m just going to have to shut the movie off a little early.

  3. Holy cow, I have got to watch that movie again. I forgot how good it was. I think that Trespass is one of the best Titan has ever put out. However, the Joe Gage videos are always a blast.

  4. is now a term. I declare it to be so!

    I fucking LOVE this movie. It is my favorite Titan Men movie ever. I think the only other movie that comes close to my loving this one is a film by Nica Noelle called His Mother’s Lover. That, and all of the Dad films by Joe Gage. This was the film that made me take notice of Blu Kennedy. I’d heard of him, but this film got me to really sit up and take notice (see what I did there?) His scene in this movie is one I revisit on a regular basis. THANK YOU so much for doing this review.

    Cheers, bud. 🙂

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