AGayCollab – My 10 Guilty Pleasures

4 thoughts on “AGayCollab – My 10 Guilty Pleasures

  1. 3 Guilty Pleasures I Share with Gay Comic Geek:

    REDHEADS – I say redheads because “gingers” sounds too prissy English. A well built guy with red hair blows me away. Their skin has a cool translucence, their nipples are molten hot and there’s nothing like seeing a cock rise from a thatch of copper pubes. Supposedly, by the turn of the next century(87 years from now) the global gene pool will be unable to produce a redhead. Makes me appreciate a hot guy with red hair all the more. It also makes me think a breeding program should be started to see if this can be reversed.

    HAIRY CHESTS – Guys with hot body hair rock! It gives off a feral vibe that speaks to the fact that no matter how evolved we are man is still an animal. I’d gladly trade a few layers of civilization if it meant a world where naked, hairy hardbodies ruled. Beastmen with hard, cut physiques honed by survival of the fittest and equal to animals that can still be found in the wild. Not possible? Did you ever see a flabby panther?

    AGGRESSIVE PORN – Damn I totally agree with you, Paul! Here again it ties into man is still a beast. Sex is the great equalizer. At some point everyone sheds their manners and learned behaviors to act on their animal urges. Since men are more aggressive by nature their porn should be too. Two men may be equally horny as they rip off their clothes to get down to the basest basics. But at some point one guy’s going to be the top and the other’s going to be the bottom. The conflict that decides who’s who is what makes it all hot and the viewer hard.

    Thanks for sharing, Paul!

  2. Oh yes, fingers get me a little extra excited too. Don’t know why but oh yes love that crotch rocket with afterburner.

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