Anyone Know Why Wonder Woman Is NOT Being Advertised as Much as Past DC Films?

It seems odd that Wonder Woman comes out in a month and I have barely seen any advertisement for her up coming movie. This should be such a huge event. Princess Diana is THE most famous female comic book superhero of all time. She should be having TV spots everywhere. I have seen 2 tv spots and a couple trailers. Why is Warner Bros not promoting the FUCK out of her like they did with all of the past DC superhero movies? I couldn’t go two minutes without seeing an advertisement for Suicide Squad. But Wonder Woman has barely been mentioned. Maybe after Guardians of the Galaxy comes out? Any one have any ideas? I really hope it is not something sinister on the side.

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3 thoughts on “Anyone Know Why Wonder Woman Is NOT Being Advertised as Much as Past DC Films?

  1. So I reached out to friend that works for some of the creative firms in Hollywood; they put together marking campaigns for movies. He said the pull-back on marketing on Wonder Woman is really due to a few things:

    Any studio will invest only so much into a movie, which is broken down to two major costs; production & marketing. Overall the bet on this movie was to put a higher ratio into production rather than marketing in order to make it as much of a block buster as possible with the money they have. This movie is costing about $120m, as opposed to BvS:DoJ with a $250 budget.
    The media blitz we are in right now with Guardians of the Galaxy is in full swing, and they generally only like to have so many superhero related trailers spots on TV at one time. The studio feels they will be able to take the audience from Guardians after it has been out a couple of weeks rather than try to compete.
    Sometimes the amount of marketing dollars are dumped into a movie is highly influenced by how well made the movie ends up being. When they love it, when they know they have a gem, budget opens up for more ad spots. The fact there is little about Wonder Woman marketing-wise might be a sign how good it is.

  2. WB Executives are fucked up. They believe that women are already going to go since it’s Wonder Woman. They think word of mouth will work since it worked with another female-led movie. They need to change their thinking. This movie has added pressure since BvS was the drizzling shits and Suicide Squad was OK (but fun). They really need this movie to deliver so they should promote the shit out of it.

  3. This is actually pissing me off.

    They all but shoved BvS down our throats, but THIS movie?

    “Meh. Wonder Woman movie. Feminism or… some shit. Whatever.”

    could rage-punch so hard now

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