Anyone want to play with my Solo blaster?

That title was so cheesy…Sorry, I’ll think of a better title for future posts.



10 thoughts on “Anyone want to play with my Solo blaster?

  1. Which blaster are you talking about? Just kidding. Looking good as always, keep up the work and you’ll be the hottest geek there is.

  2. What an impressive surprise, Staffelcock! The last of your new ink that I was aware of was the emblem riding on the crest of your left pec. Now you’ve sprouted more. Very hot! Especially the medallioned bands around your forearms. But what is most erotic is how they all frame the way you’ve sculpted your pecs and abs. What you’ve forged with iron, sweat, toil and pain makes the strongest statement and needs no further embellishment. Good job! No!! Great job!!!

  3. This is hot, and a little funny if I let my imagine run wild. It’s like a scene out of a Pattrick Fillion Space Cadet comic. “Yes sir, I know you’ve been in space on a ship alone for a year and are in need of release, but you don’t need to threaten me with a blaster. You’ve come to the Low Hanger space cantina, and we are all here to serve!”

    At the same time though, I’m also intrigued by the new tattoos I see. A new kryptonian symbol, an empire symbol, and others I can’t make out, but I’m guessing there is a rebel alliance symbol to match the empire symbol.

    1. Is with all things Solo, the question everyone will be arguing over was “Who shot first?”

      (….I’ll get my coat)

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