Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) Joins Teen Titans! He’s Also Gay…and looks a lot like the Young Justice Aqualad

Over at, it was reported that Aqualad will finally join up with a superhero team in the DC Comic Book Universe in Teen Titans #6. If you have seen the Young Justice cartoon, you are familiar with Kaldur’ahm aka Aqualad. Many comic book fans knew that there was another Aqualad in the comic books by the name of Jackson Hyde. They had very different backgrounds with the exception of Black Manta being their father. When the New 52 DC Universe came about, Aqualad was quietly forgotten by writers. That is until the Rebirth one-shot story hit us with a reference to a boy named Jackson who showed to be a talented swimmer and who was also gay.

Some people cheered that Aqualad was being brought back but others cringed that he was going to be a gay character. No interpretation will make everyone completely happy. His new appearance suggests that the artists involved are going to have Jackson look similar to his cartoon counterpart and have him with blonde hair. I personally like this but I like his Pre-New 52 style as well. I am just glad he is being brought back. I hope he also has a strong connection with Aquaman in his books and that we will see him being mentored by the King of Atlantis.

Aqualad will make his debut in Teen Titans #6, scheduled for March 2017. He will be in the title: “The Rise of Aqualad,” to which the synopsis reads:

New story! New city! New member? As the team adjusts to their new lives at Titans Tower, Damian investigates a series of strange disappearances in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Jackson Hyde heads west to fulfill his destiny…and finds himself in the crosshairs of the Teen Titans!

Aqualad’s new comic book art is more than likely being influenced by the return of Young Justice. The third season is in early development stages and will more than likely have the original core cast of members. Aqualad was their leader in the first season and was an undercover agent for most of the second season before retaking the leadership role.

Anyways, enjoy these super hot guys who have cosplayed as Kaldur/Jackson in the past!

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2 thoughts on “Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) Joins Teen Titans! He’s Also Gay…and looks a lot like the Young Justice Aqualad

  1. I wonder if he’ll have ties to Black Manta in the Rebirth universe. I’m not a fan of the new Teen Titans comic (Damian, ugh) but I may check this out. I’m happy that they’re finally bringing him back. Love the cosplay pics.

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