Ass Bandit Part 1 from is out!

This is a completely different take on the whole robber/thief scenario that we’re used to seeing. It’s funny and so fucking hot! Check out my review in the video below:

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This scene stars Will Braun

Will Braun

And Jack Radley

Jack Radley

9 thoughts on “Ass Bandit Scene 1 – UNCUT Review

  1. I kinda wish he’d do the video reviews naked and just crop them for youtube. He’s a cutie!

  2. this is fucking hot but unfortunately i seen exactly same story line in str8 porn where the thief was Matt Hughes from “brrazzers dot com” with his enormous

  3. Voluntarily raped? Aren’t the two mutually exclusive? Simulated rape might be more accurate? I dunno.

    1. If you’re role playing. Some like the idea of being forced into a situation. But the situation is voluntary on both sides, so either/or term could be used. I’ve heard the term ‘voluntary rape’ be used a lot on, which is where I heard of it.

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