Batman and Harley Quinn – Upcoming DC Animated Movie

there will be an upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie from DC Entertainment. I am excited for this, if anything just to have Kevin Conroy reprise the voice of Batman. In my humble opinion, he is the definitive voice of Batman in any animated format. Harley Quinn will be voiced by Big Bang Theory’s – Melissa Rausch. I think her voice is perfect! She already sounds like Harley in Big Bang Theory as it is. I know she’s not everyone’s particular favorite, but I’m happy that she’s taking on the role. Loren Lester will be the voice of Nightwing, although I probably would have preferred Neil Patrick Harris from Under the Red Hood movie…but that’s just me.

There’s a lot of love/hate with Harley Quinn’s character. I did like Suicide Squad but I felt that Harley was only used as a sex object. In the comic, she’s insane, but she’s also very calculating, and smart tactician. I hope in Suicide Squad sequel or Sirens movie, her character can grow into her true potential.
What do you think about this? It’s got potential!

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1 thought on “Batman and Harley Quinn – Upcoming DC Animated Movie

  1. I’m happy that Melissa Rauch is voicing Harley. She is my favorite character in Big Bang Theory and her changing voices will fit Harley perfectly. I also thrilled that Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman again. He IS the definitive Batman voice. I also like that Nightwing will be a part of this and he’ll be flirting with Harley. This is going to be a lot of fun.

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