Batman Bad Blood (3).Movie_Snapshot

The new Batman animated movie is out. This time Batman has gone missing and Nightwing must fill in his shoes, otherwise Gotham City’s villains will take over. But he is not alone as several other vigilantes step in to also help fill the void. Not a bad movie, but definitely not the best DC Animated movie. Check out my thoughts on the movie in the video below.

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2 thoughts on “Batman: Bad Blood – DC Animated Movie Review

  1. Good review and you hit on everything. I loved seen Kathy and Rene together. Also this 3 movies are part of an universe that includes JL War and thrones of Atlantis movies. The upcoming movie Justice league VS Teen titans is also in this universe. Btw the release the sneak peek for it if you haven’t seen it. I really wish if they do another bat family movie we can see Red Robin or better yet an adaptation of Robin war

  2. Was that the original Nightwing costume in the glass case that’s off to the side? So cool. I’ll have to check this out since Nightwing’s a big part of it.

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