Batman Beyond – Guess who is behind the mask? And guess what my next costume is going to be?

Tim Drake is the NEW Batman Beyond. Tim Drake is my boy. I’ve loved him as my favorite superhero since the very beginning. A lot of people are upset that Tim would take over the role of Batman Beyond as the original Batman Beyond was Terry McGinnis.

However, a lot of fans aren’t aware that the Tim Drake that is taking over the mantle of Batman Beyond is a different reality, set in the Future’s End Universe. If you don’t know what that universe is, don’t worry, it’s just an alternate future reality. So it’s all good, just bare in mind that it’s set later in time and this universe has a crap ton of other events taking place.

Regardless of that, the reason I’m making this post is because I now have the motivation to make a Batman Beyond costume. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and now I’m finally going to do it. It could suck really bad, or it could be pretty cool. It depends on how much effort I can put into it and still be happy with my own work. The version of the Batman Beyond costume that I want to do, is this one:


What do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

Do I have the skills to make a Batman Beyond armored suit?

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3 thoughts on “Batman Beyond – Guess who is behind the mask? And guess what my next costume is going to be?

  1. I think u could do Batman Beyond suit. Me, yeah I am upset that it is no longer Terry. He seemed to have trouble maintaining an ongoing series. As I recall when DC first had Batman Beyond in comics it was Tim. then they did the continuation of the show. Now it seems they have gone full circle. For me I will stick with the Terry Beyond. I did not read much of Futures end, it seemed to me like DC was trying to cash in on the Days of Future past movie.

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