Ben Affleck as Batman is growing on me!

At first I wasn’t on board with Ben Affleck as Batman, but I gotta admit that he’s starting to grow on me. Especially since at San Diego Comic Con (which I am so jealous of everyone that is attending this), has shown some new images of Affleck as Batman.

Granted, the Bat-cowl and suit has been photoshopped to be the two-toned grey that everyone is begging to have, but I’m liking the direction that the upcoming Superman v. Batman is taking. Plus, I think that Affleck is starting to bulk up a bit and is definitely changing his looks to be more Bruce Wayne-ish.

What do you guys think?


Batman Ben Affleck 2

Batman Ben Affleck


2 thoughts on “Ben Affleck as Batman is growing on me!

  1. Well Ben Affleck as Batman never bothered me, I’ve ogt other issues with the movie. But the Batman stuff does look cool.

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