Big Eden

Big Eden is probably one of the sweetest feel good movies that I’ve seen in a long time. The movie centers on Henry Hart returning to his small hometown to take care of his ailing grandfather. There’s a bit of a romantic triangle taking place between him, his high school crush, and the local owner of the general store. It has a great ending and the over all story is definitely high in the happiness department. I actually got teary eyed myself at a couple different scenes.

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Henry and Pike

1 thought on “Big Eden – Gay Movie Review

  1. Just like to say that I also thought the soundtrack on this movie was phenomenal. I bought the deluxe DVD release of Big Eden and one of the extras was the recipes made on the movie. Still planning one of these days to have a get together viewing and dinner with some of the recipes. Thanks for picking this one to review, it is one of my favorites.

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