Bound For Sodom – KinkMen UNCUT Gay XXX Bound Gods Series Review (NSFW)

It’s Bound for Sodom from KinkMen! This is a two part series that has Mormon Men Draven Navarro and Cody Winter, on their way for their missionary adventures. They stop in an abandoned town and first have a separate sexual adventure in an abandoned in the form of pervy Sheriff Dallas Steele and huge dicked Pierce Paris. Holy fuck, this was a great, dick dripping fun series. Check out my thoughts on the scenes in the attached video.

To see this scene in it’s entirety, go to:
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This series stars: Dallas Steele and Cody Winter

And Pierce Paris and Draven Navarro

2 thoughts on “Bound For Sodom – KinkMen UNCUT Gay XXX Bound Gods Series Review (NSFW)

  1. SUPER-AWESOME review, Paulie. And thank you so much for pointing me to this. I love Dallas Steele and he is PERFECT for an evil sexy Daddy torture sheriff.

    Nah, though. I doubt very much that there was Mormon porn being filmed down the hall from you. After all, if a porn studio set up shop in YOUR apartment building, they would immediately try and recruit you. 😛

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