DragonCon hotels are a bitch to book in advance. If someone can help me book a room in one of the host hotels for September 2-8, 2015, I’d OWE you SOOOOOO much luvin! It seems like the main hotels are booked but they open up periodically. I’ve been trying but I can’t seem to get thru. I’m not asking you to pay, I’ll pay it. I just need help booking.

Does anyone work for these hotels or have some sort of hook up that can help? I know platinum and Diamond members at some hotels can book regardless of the rooms being taken. I don’t even know what I can do to thank you, but I’m sure I can think of something.

These are the hotels:

Marriott Marquis Atlanta


The Hyatt Regency Atlanta


The Hilton Atlanta


Westin Peachtree Center


The Sheraton


5 thoughts on “Can someone help me?

  1. I was just able to find an available room at the Westin Peachtree Plaza by using Travelocity. Nice place. I stayed there on my wedding night. Unfortunately, I had to put up money to reserve the room, and I can’t afford to do that for you. However, I wanted to give you the heads up. Hopefully, you can get online quickly enough to find the room for yourself. Good luck! (9/13/14, 4:15 am)

  2. BALLS. I just looked into it and I can only use my employee rate within a few months of the dates needed and I’m fairly certainly you’ll need confirmation before then/ they’ll be sold out 🙁 I’m sorry, dude. Trust me, I’d be going to Dragoncon if I could book a year in advance. I hate how it works. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up

    1. D’oh! I forgot to put the Sheraton. I always forget that one. But if you can help with that hotel, then that would be very appreciated!

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