Captain America #1 – Sam Wilson – Marvel Comic Review – Conservatives Hate Him- But he’s a Badass!

Captain America Sam Wilson 1 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Sam Wilson is Captain America and he’s a pretty darn awesome Cap too. He’s differing his style of the mantle of Captain America by taking a stance on social injustices in the U.S. whereas Steve Rogers was much more neutral. It’s great. Conservatives hate him, but that’s expected being that Captain America is doing what Captain America does, which is to stand up for those being prejudiced against and to help those groups that are weaker. This is a great first issue!

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Here is the video by ‘Fox and Friends,’ (which doesn’t that sound like a Saturday morning kids show) that is denouncing the new Captain America series. But then again, this Captain America is doing what Captain America should be doing, which is exactly the opposite of what anything ‘Fox’ related would want any hero to do.