Cause everyone always wants Jockstrap pics of me…so why the hell not?

Gaycomicgeek jock strap

Gaycomcigeek jock strap ass

44 thoughts on “Cause everyone always wants Jockstrap pics of me…so why the hell not?

  1. love the pictures especially the one where you are looking over your shoulder. great butt

  2. Is that shadow or side pubes? I guess it doesn’t really matter. Thanks, Paul. One step closer to those nudes.

  3. I like that you had fun with it and added props. I’ve had a bit of geeky fun with my own but I just put the X-men Patch on a navy blue swim jock and called it a day. I prefer the tease shots more, much more you can do with them like skimpy cosplay or role-play 😛 nude kinda ruins the illusion.

  4. I think that answers the question what do the Power Rangers wear under their suits. Very hot, love the geeky touches, well and obviously the cute bubble butt 😀

  5. Man your so cute. I think I just found my new screen saver. Hope you come to fl tampa for some of the conventions this year

  6. Dam Paul I think we all like a shot at stroking your Ego! If you could ready my mind right now you would orgasm!!! (and walk funny for a few weeks) 😉

  7. First it was the crotch grabbing underwear shots then this and next time will be…Hardcore nudity!!! With hard-on…please!??! Very Hot.

  8. Awesome – but your pics always are. If that buckle was a bit larger you could have done it nude. Hint, hint.

  9. I think you will have companies sending you their jocks to wear. Lol all I can think of right now is “let me at that ass!”

  10. Sure you don’t want to submit these pics to Scott Hunter for his Hunter Diaries, and let him be the judge if he’d let you fuck him on camera?

  11. Well I have always thought you were hot. Looks very nice, but you look good in anything or nothing. LOL, your personality is darling.

  12. i think most if not all of your fallowers want to see you out of your jockstrap lol/ i think you need to tease them more lol

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