Chain Reaction – Joe Gage TitanMen Movie Review (UNCUT) Version

Joe Gage fucking rocks! is so badass with their movies! Besides the hot guys, the scenes are a nice mix too. Check the movie out over at:

The movie stars:

Jessy Ares

Jesse Ares

George Ce


Hunter Marx


Adam Russo


2 thoughts on “Chain Reaction – Joe Gage TitanMen Movie Review (UNCUT) Version

  1. Joe Gage did direct some cult sci-fi movies back in the 80’s so I think he could totally do some sort of super-hero porn movie. I agree that a good lead-up in porn is really hot. I was watching Joe Gage’s first porn move the other week “Kansas City Trucking Co.” and the opening to it is great reminds me of an old horror movie. There’s a guy jacking off in a building and a trucker on the road, well you -know- they’re going to hook up, but he makes waiting the 2 minutes until they do really hot.

  2. I really love the ‘temptation’ and ‘leading up’ aspect of Joe Gage’s films. He does an amazing job keeping you interested in what’s going on before the sex starts.

    I laughed out loud at the ‘Lex Luthor’ comment. Yes, Adam Russo could be Lex Luthor in a gay Superman porn parody. I wonder if Gage is willing to direct a comic book parody…

    Also, I love Josh West’s dick. That fucker is just SO hot and so amazingly thick.

    Porn. Porn. Porn.

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