Clue – Remake is Being Done by Fox

Clue Cast

Josh Feldman at 20th Century Fox is helming the new movie. I will with hold judgement until I see actual footage and the cast. It is impossible to top the original movie and remakes generally do not go over well with audiences, but there are some exceptions here and there. Plus this would more than likely not be a retelling of the original story, but instead be a completely original movie that is based on the Clue boardgame. I personally love the original 1985 movie and it has gained a huge cult following since it’s release.



3 thoughts on “Clue – Remake is Being Done by Fox

  1. You know your a pessimist when your first thought is oh god not another one ruined. Looking at you ghost busters. But ya seriously clue is my most favorite comedy ever; hope it doesn’t suck, but won’t bet on it.

  2. Clue is one of my guilty pleasures. I have it on DVD and watch it every so often when I need cheering up or on a cold, rainy weekend.

  3. I loved the original Clue movie (Madeline Khan was hilarious as Mrs. White). That “flames – flames on the side of my face” is one of my favorite parts. This remake is just a bad idea. I don’t see how the it can be any better than the original. This shows that there are no original ideas in Hollywood anymore.

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