Colin Morgan – AKA Merlin – The Ears Have Changed

Colin Morgan had his ears pulled back last year and I didn’t even notice it. I know that does not seem like a big deal, but it’s something that hits close to me. I have huge ears and it is something that I have been made fun of since I was 5 years old. I do not follow Colin religiously, but I do check on his work from time to time. Seeing that he had surgery done to pull his ears back is somewhat discouraging. His reasons are his own and being that he is an actor, he probably did this to be cast in future roles. So it is not like I think lower of him in any way at all. I completely understand. But for others out there with big ears like me, it is something that hits to a long time childhood insecurity.

I sometimes gravitate to public figures or entertainers that also have big ears themselves, like Russell Tovey (above). Having big ears was hard as a kid to endure. I came home crying several times because I hated my ears. As an adult, I accept it and embrace it. I know some people like the ears, others not so much. I still get the negative comments on a regular basis. In fact someone mentioned how big my ears were yesterday and that they couldn’t stand to see me. Typing it out does sound somewhat sad, but his ears made me feel better about myself. I feel better because seeing someone famous like him with similar ears means it is not so bad for me.

Collin before the ear surgery.

Here’s the new Colin Morgan post-ear surgery.

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5 thoughts on “Colin Morgan – AKA Merlin – The Ears Have Changed

  1. You – and your ears – are beautiful, and anyone who tells you differently should take 12 years of yoga classes and get REALLY flexible so they can go fuck themselves. 🙂

  2. I’ve always thought Colin Morgan was gorgeous. Then and now. I’ve never noticed his ears and it makes me sad that they were a source of, for lack of a better word, shame for him.

    I feel the same about you, Paul. You’re hot and I’ve never noticed your ears. I’m sorry some scumbag tried to make you feel bad about them. They’re a part of you and they’re beautiful!

  3. I get what you mean, Paulie.

    I have big ears too. Mine aren’t so noticeable now because I’ve grown into them, but back when I was five, they stuck out hard. A lot like in the ‘Before’ photos, actually. I had huge ears for years, and people (adults and kids alike) teased me for them. So yeah, his reasons are his own, but a part of me will miss the big flappy ears on this guy, and feel upset that he changed that side to himself.

  4. Personally I think big ears are so cute and makes a guy look adorable. Like you said, I am sure that Colin had his reasons, but I do not find him as attractive as I did when he played Merlin. I understand what it like to be bullied, and understand these feelings of inadequacy. Just know there are a segment of the population that find big ears attractive and I am one of them.

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