It took about 3 hours of Googling and then several threads on different WordPress forums, but I found the problem. Comments have been enabled again. And I will reply back to comments very regularly! So please comment away.

To encourage you, here is a a pic of my hetero friend, Austin with his dick starting pop out. The second pic is just for perspective of the costuming he’s done. But seriously, what is it about my straight friends that they all want to either kiss me, or show me their junk? Anyways, comment away!

Austin Selfie 9

Austin 1


  1. This will probably officially earn me my “Geek” Card (and lose my “Gay” Card), but the FIRST thing I noticed in that picture wasn’t your friend (or his “friend”). It was the Nightwing cover he had on the mirror, which immediately started me thinking about how he’d look in a Nightwing costume. NOTHING sexier than a Nightwing costume…as long as you have the ass for it!!!!

      1. Well, then let me be the first to formally request that he share THAT with the rest of the class! We need more NIGHTWING! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I hope that’s the reason that he does it. I know it’s not cause he’s a closet case. But I also think that he’s got a big piece and wants to show it off. Women aren’t as appreciative as guys are, so he’s catering to his fanbase.

  2. Can you ask him pretty plz to let us see? He has a fan base now. It is funny that straight guys do this. My dick gets touched more by my straight guy friends than by my boyfriend.

  3. Your friend is hot. Take advantage of it. My straight friends are n’t this friendly with me. LOL

    1. I think a lot of straight guys are dying to show their pieces off, but can’t cause they’d be consider ‘gay’ or they’d have to say no homo. It’s pretty dumb. Straight guys have so many rules.

      1. Too true. And their rules are so dumb.

        I say this as a bi guy. I still don’t know if that officially means that I am halfway straight or halfway gay. I don’t care enough to find out, honestly, but in moments like this, it does make me curious.

  4. Haha, I get that a lot as well. 😛 Not sure, I think it is an ego boost lol. I’ve started a folder with Sub-Folders for all my friends… it’s starting to be a bit ridiculous. lololol

    1. Yeah I need to start a folder myself too. If I tried, I could probably get some really hot pics from some of my friends.

  5. Don’t question it, just go with it. Wish he’s pulled those a little lower though. Those shorts are barely holding it in!

    1. I think a lot of straight guys are dying to show off their piece but are afraid because of the gay references that they’ll get. But some like Austin, they could care less cause they’re pretty secure in their masculinity.

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