Contest Submission – FanFic From the Destroyer (WOW, hot and sad at the same time!)

The Defeat Of Gay Comic Geek

By “Destroyer”

They had been watching him for a good while. The Gay Comic Geek had been patrolling the convention on the grounds that there had been threats made—and he was absolutely right. Little did he know that this was truly a trap to capture and destroy the hot hero.

Screams erupted from the crowd as two muscular goons emerged. One in a tight black spandex suit, with a mask to match, and another dressed all in white. The two of them fired blasts of blue energy from their rifles into the crowd, sending conventioneers convulsing to the floor. They grinned at the sight of cosplayers writhing on the floor, moaning.

It wasn’t long until Gay Comic Geek took to the scene, hovering overhead. He called out to the villains below with a grin. “I’d say it’s time for the two of you to get lost before you know what’s good for you!” The hero stuck out his chest with a grin. He could easily take these two, he was more than sure of it. They looked to one another, and then to the superhero in the sky.

“You’ll have to catch us first, hero!” One of them aimed his rifle into the air, and fired a blast at the hero. He dodged, giving them enough time to start a sprint. “To the parking lot, Gild!”

The man in white followed his brother in black, and who fired another blast over his shoulder. “I’ll cover you, Rose!”

The Gay Comic Geek rolled his eyes. Either they weren’t trying or their aim needed work, as he easily bobbed and weaved his way around the blue blasts. It wasn’t long before they were out in the parking lot. A crowd began to form as the Gay Comic Geek hovered over the two men. He laughed and shook his head once again. “We could have done this the easy way, but you all decided the hard way…” He opened his palm and aim a blast of energy down at the men on the asphalt below. To his surprised, they summersaulted out of the way. He aimed another blast, then another, but they moved faster than the hero could anticipate. The Gay Comic Geek felt the sweat drip down his brown in between his pecs. What was going on?

“Speaking of the hard way…” The man in white aimed his gun upward. The man in black followed. “You’re going to be plenty hard when we’re finished with you!”

The two fired at once, but strangely not at the superhero. He watched in a state of wonder as their blasts connected with one another to form a blue orb of energy. The orb hovered in front of the Gay Comic Geek. He put his palms together and narrowed his eyes. Firing a blast of energy, he aimed at the center of the orb. The blast connected, but the orb only seemed to grow larger. His hands began to shake as the energy seemed to be pulled from his hands. The hero let out a yell as he pulled back, his whole body now sweating.

“And now for the fun! Hit him with it, Rose!” The man in black grinned as the two pressed their triggers once again. The orb flashed from blue to red, and pulsed toward the Gay Comic Geek. He flew

backward, but the orb began to moved faster and faster. He turned to run, suddenly his heart racing. The crowd gasped as the orb enveloped the waiting hero.

He could feel the pulse as it connected—the energy suddenly coursing through his body. Spreading into an “X”, he let out a yell as his limbs were frozen. His muscles flexed all over, and he could feel the pressure between his legs build. “Fuck!” He let out a moan as the energy attacked his waiting cock. Images flowed through his head as he felt the pleasure—the hot, wet pleasure along the length of his cock, forcing him to flex. It grew thicker and thicker as he felt the energy caress his member, sending him into a state of bliss. He could do nothing as the orb trapped him, only submit to the pleasure. He could feel the energy stroking every inch of his rod as he hovered above the crowd. His tenting cock pushed out of his briefs.

Trying to resist was the same as pushing a boulder up the mountain. He could do nothing to stop the tide, as his cock felt the stroking of the energy, the delicate touch of power as it executed a skill dance along his member. It wasn’t long before he let out a low moan. His balls lurched upward, and he threw his head backwards. The spray of cum began like a firehose, and the villains below let out a laugh.

“Just like the boss said!” The man in white smiled. The Gay Comic Geek continued to yell as his cock pulsed, emptying more and more of his super seed.

“Wha-what’s… happening…” The hero moaned as another hot white spurt erupted.

“You’re being emptied of your superpowers, hero. Making you nice and weak…” The hero moaned as he continued to erupt. “Then we’ll leave you be and head back to our boss—since you can’t do nothing to stop us. Going to take over the whole city with these weapons…”

“Well, after we have some fun with him, right Guildenstern?” The man in black grinned.

As if on cue, the hero let out another terrifying yell, firing a thick, watery jizz onto the pavement below. As his ball shriveled, the blue orb dissipated. He tumbled in a free fall from the sky and struck the pavement, leaving a crumbled indentation.

“That’s right Rosencrantz…” The man in white stepped forward. He reached down to grab the superhero by his collar. The Comic Geek—now more Paul than superhero—could do nothing but moan. His cock hung thick but limp between his legs. “What’s the matter hero? Too weak to fly? Or even fight? Don’t worry… we’re going to have some fun with you first…”

The last thing he could remember was their cocks entering his mouth. Thick and veined, the muscular henchmen took turns forcing him to swallow their thick fuckpoles. He couldn’t resist the throat fucking, and gagged as their members pressed the back of his throat. What was a superhero to do? He gave in to the bliss, hanging his head. They finished by spraying their bountiful loads across his face, smearing an “R” and a “G” across each cheek. The hero closed his eyes as they sauntered away.

“Comic Geek…” He awoke in a hospital gurney. “It’s all right—you’re doing just fine after… the incident.”

“What happened…” The hero rubbed his head. “I feel like a truck hit me.”

“Well, from what we could tell—an electromagnetic pulse struck you and uh, forced your muscles into a state of intense work. Forcing you to empty yourself…”

“That explains why I felt so weak. They almost stripped me of my powers…”

“Yes. You’re still recovering…” The doctor flipped between pages on his chart. As he kept talking, the hero noticed the images on the news—the same villains attacking civilians, looting banks, even threatening a military base. Guildenstern reveled in the camera spotlight, speaking directly to terrified onlookers as the news cameras rolled.

“Tell your precious superhero if he wants to find us, we’re just by the shore, in the warehouse district. If he wants to put a stop to us…”

The Gay Comic Geek stood from his bed, and flexed his muscles. He took a breath. The doctor shook his head.

“You aren’t in a condition to go out there…”

“I may not be fully charged, but they’re destroying the city. I’m not going to let them tear us apart.” He moved to slip on his supersuit. “I’ve got a job to do.”

He took off toward the warehouse district, flying high above and searching for signs. Spying an “R & G” atop one of the waiting roofs, the hero landed hard on to the concrete. His fist slammed the tile as he crouched to his knee. They may have made a fool of him before, but the low rent villains weren’t going to take down the Gay Comic Geek.

“Ask and you shall receive, assholes,” The hero called out as he blasted through the roof, exposing the waiting warehouse floor to the sunlight. He hovered with his hands on his hips. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sitting atop a pair of boxes playing cards. They didn’t look up at the hero.

“Oh, it’s you.” Rosencrantz said quietly. “You know, you’re so predictable. It didn’t take so long to get you out here now did it?”

“Play time is over boys. Now you’re going down.” The gay comic geek clenched his fist and fired a blast of energy. The boxes exploded, sending the two men flying backwards. He flew into the warehouse and sneered at his waiting targets. With blow fists charged, he swung an uppercut at Rosencrantz and then a jab at Guildenstern. Both men careened backwards. He grabbed one, then the other by the scruffs of their necks. “What’s the matter? Not having as much fun without your toys? Did you really think you’d seen the last of me?”

“No,” Another voice from the shadows replied. The hero raised an eyebrow and turned. “But I don’t suppose you imagined just what they were doing.”

“Who are you?” The hero yelled. He tossed the two henchmen back against the concrete wall, where they slumped down next to one another.

“I’ve read so much about you comic geek. Charged up with superpowers, quite the hunk, and entirely fuckable. Except there isn’t room enough in the city for the two of us…” Destroyer was easily two hundred and fifty pounds. He wore silver spandex that covered everything except his cock and balls, which hung thick and hard between his legs. A “D” marked his chest in red.

“What are you talking about?” The Gay Comic Geek tensed.

“That energy blast? A test of how much power sits inside of you. Truly amazing—off the charts, really. And me?” He took another step forward. “I want that power.”

“Well good luck getting it, asshole.” He aimed a fist at Destroyer and fired a blast. The energy bounced off his chest, knocking him back some but leaving not a trace.

“You’re weak, hero. Not at full strength. The perfect target.” He put his hands on his hips and grinned. The cock between his legs grew, much to the hero’s surprise (and wonder)—stretching through the massive silver ring that sat on the base of his shaft and upward, snaked in veins. The hero braced as the villain let out a yell. He fired a blast of energy from his cock!

The Gay Comic Geek felt the energy strike his chest, sending him backwards. He gasped.

“Pretty good, but you’re not the only one with a powerful cock!” The hero took to the air, ripping away his trunks. He focused his energy into his cock, and with a grunt, fired a blast of his own. The villain grinned again, this time firing another blast. Their beams connected as the two crossed swords. The hero gritted his teeth.

“You have no idea what you’re up against, Gay Comic Geek.” The villain pressed forward.

“I have an idea—a villain that thinks his cock makes him special!”

“Much more than that!” Destroyer let out a yell and the Gay Comic Geek gasped again. His stream of energy wasn’t holding. Destroyer’s continued to press closer and closer. He grunting, trying to refocus, but the villain continued his yell. The gay comic geek could feel his cock being pressed to its limit, sweat dripping down his body as he tried to move the needle backwards. For a moment, his beam extended—only to be swallowed up again by the villains.

“No… no!” The Comic Geek cried out as the assault pressed closer. His eyes widened with terror as the beam pressed within inches of his thick cock. He closed his eyes as the energy connect. His body flexed as he felt the might of the Destroyer course through his cock. He shuddered and screamed. In a second, the beam stopped, and the Gay Comic Geek collapsed to the ground. “Too… weak…”

“Yes…” The Destroyer stood over him as he rested on all fours. “You see—I’m powerful, but at full strength you could have given me a run for my money. Now you can’t stop me… and I can have you…”

“Wha-what?” The Gay Comic Geek muttered. He felt the villain press his hands onto his hips, and pull him closer.

“You see, what really makes me a villain is not that I can just defeat you, superhero…” He licked his lips. “It’s that I’ve got the power to sap energy—to grow bigger, stronger, even more powerful. Why do you think we tested to see how much you had inside of you? Of course, the source isn’t in your cock…”

“You… you can’t defeat me…” The hero rolled his head to the side. He felt the villain’s member press against his ass, already leaking pre. The jizz slid between his ass checks and the hero moaned again. Destroyer’s cock pressed tight against his hole.

“I’m going to do more than that. You have so much power within you, Gay Comic Geek… I’m going to add that to my own. Starting… now!” And with that, he gave a thrust, pressing through the hero’s tight hole. He moaned and tried to resist, focusing the last bit of resistance he had, but Destroyer only pressed harder. His cock slid deeper inside his waiting ass. In both a mixture of pleasure and pain, he moaned.

He could feel the strange warmth filling him. Gay comic geek’s muscles flexed, and his cock sprung to life once again. With each thrust, the villain let out a grunt, and the hero a moan. He gave in to the thickness of Destroyer’s cock, feeling the pleasure fill his ass deeper and deeper. The hero’s cock began to glow with power. I have to fight… have to… escape…

He pressed back against the villain, grinding his ass into his dick. Maybe if I can get him to cum… before me…

Each thrust was ecstacy, but Destroyer only seem to relish in the fact that hero was submitting. The superhero moaned as the villain slammed against his prostate again and again. His cock glowed with energy and yet he felt weaker than ever. Have to fight… can’t… give in… can’t…

“Fuck… fuck… what’s… what’s happening to me…” The Gay Comic Geek held his hands atop his head as Destroyer clawed at the hero’s pecs. “Can’t control it… my cock… fuck… FUCK!” He screamed as the orgasm came, sending a shudder through his whole body. The energy blast spewed from his cock, firing upwards at the ceiling and causing a cave in. He continued to spray gold into the night—until at last the blasts changed to a trickle, and then to white, hot cum.

“Yes… yes… give up your power… empty yourself…” The villain cried out as he continued to thrust. The Gay Comic Geek gasped as he felt his cock spurts finish. His thick, magnificent cock stopped glowing gold and went limp, before shrinking down to a mortal size of six inches.

But the thrusting didn’t stop—the villain continued, and the Gay Comic Geek grew only weaker, until at last he was no more the Gay Comic Geek than a cosplayer—he was Paul, and then—

“No… you’ve… defeated… me…”

The hero felt himself grow thinner, his muscles shrinking, until at last, his body glowed gold, and then—nothing.

All that was left was the remnants of a cum stained costume on the warehouse floor. Destroyer, in his ecstacy, spewed load after load, his muscular body now hulked up with power, atop the defeated heroes spandex.

A quiet filled the room.

The End?