Crisis on Earth X – 2nd Half – Review – Gay Superheroes – The Ray and Citizen Cold! (SPOILERS)

The heroes have been defeated and are trapped on the Nazi Earth X. Supergirl’s life hangs in the balance. Luckily some new heroes come in to help and the rest of the Legends of Tomorrow make it to the present. This is an an incredible crossover and the stuff of a comic book geek’s dream come true. Russell Tovey comes in as gay superhero, The Ray and he is a BADASS!!!

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3 thoughts on “Crisis on Earth X – 2nd Half – Review – Gay Superheroes – The Ray and Citizen Cold! (SPOILERS)

  1. I agree, this crossover was the most epic one yet! Loved the story and how they balanced out the characters between all of the shows better than in previous crossovers. The Citizen Cold and The Ray was so great to see, bc I agree there hasn’t been that much spotlight on the visual openly gay male superheroes. So seeing them so open and not just having it as passing moment made me really happy. I was in tears when Professor Stein died, and again at the funeral. I was not expecting that to happen at all. It’s gonna sound bad, but I’m glad in the end that both evil Supergirl and Arrow died. I hate when they have a fleeting redemption moment that completely goes against everything that’s been shown, just to make it a happy ending. I was screaming at the TV when Oliver and Felicity bit into the Barry and Iris wedding moment. That was so jacked up. I’m not a fan of their relationship, I feel it’s been over-dramatizing the Arrow show, and taking away from the rest of the story for too long. The only thing that I have been dying to see forever with any show or crossover is Katie Cassidy in true Black Canary costume, fishnets and all, with the meta human Canary Cry. I think seeing a true to form version of Black Canary on Earth X helping the resistance would have been the absolute topper to this event.

    1. Thank you! The Felicity and Oliver thing is getting ridiculous. It’s like they just have to have him in a relationship to make him relevant, which is not the case. He can just be single and not in any relationship just for a while at least. Having the REAL Canary on Earth X would be badass.

      1. Their relationship absolutely is ridiculous! I’ve loved Arrow since the first season, but Im getting upset with it because they just continue to repeat storylines at this point. The Oliver as the Arrow investigation has happened 3 times now – when he was The Hood, The Arrow, and now The Green Arrow. The Oliver and Felicity will they won’t they has gone on for seasons now. I don’t know why everyone is going to assume that everything will be great now that they’re married, its just going to make their personal issues more dramatic.

        When the show killed off Laurel Lance I was beyond upset. I feel that there was still so much they could have done with her character, but the way they wrote her on the show was poorly done. They rushed parts of her development, they had major inconsistencies with her between seasons, then right as she’s starting to come into her true nature they just cut her out. I definitely think Katie Cassidy as Black Siren has been awesome, but to see her fully embody the Laurel Lance Black Canary is what Im waiting for.

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