Daredevil Season 2 – Elektra and Punisher’s Costumes have been Revealed! (Netflix Series is Aired March 18)

daredevil season 2 punisher elektra costumes

Many fans were speculating as to whether the Punisher and Elektra would have any resemblance of a costume within the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil series. Rest assured, at some point, both characters will have some sort of costume that represents their iconic comic book counterparts. A billboard in Toronto with pics taken by Michael A. Matos, shows a 4-piece depiction of the characters. This is excellent news. The wonderful Jessica Jones was great in so many ways, but never did we see the main character in costume with the exception of a small cameo of her comic book costume being shown as a joke by her sidekick, Patsy Walker (Hellcat).

Elektra and Punisher

It was obvious that the tights/spandex version of the Punisher would not be shown at any point in the series. Especially with the serious and mature tone of the series, spandex would be completely out of place. As it is, the first season of Daredevil had to build up to Matt Murdock to obtain his costume and the reasoning behind it was for his necessity to have some sort of protection. Elektra on the other hand has been shown in previews to almost be completely in street clothes at all times. So it is refreshing to see that she will be donning some ninja gear to reflect her true personality and her alter ego on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil himself looks as though he is wearing the exact costume that he was wearing in the last episode of season one. There are some minor alterations with a brighter more noticeable red, but still very similar.

Netflix has been spot on with the first two Marvel series and many fans are hoping that they continue on with their success in this next series. The buildup for the eventual team up of the Defenders, which is much different from the comic book Defenders, will be epic if the ground work is set up properly. Up to this point, they have done a great job and March 18 cannot get here fast enough.

Daredevil 2