Death of Superman Animated – First Look – It’s in the MotherFracking New 52 Animated Universe

The first look at the animated Death of Superman two parter from WB has been shown. It will not be faithful to the comic book storyline of the same name but instead push their New 52 animated Universe. This is disappointing. The Dark Knight Returns 2-part animated movie was very faithful to the original comic book story and I was hoping that this would be the same. It will not. The Death of Superman has already been over done with the live action form and having a Doomsday/Superman animated movie done in 2007, which was horrible in my own personal opinion.

What I am more disappointed about is that the original Death of Superman storyline is quite well done and includes many characters in Superman’s life that is NOT the big Justice Leaguers that are common place now. Guy Gardner and Maxima are two characters that I was hoping to see with more screen time. Hell, it would be great to see Blue Beetle and Booster Gold get a little bromantic time during this film.

The return of Superman is also where we get Superboy (Kon-El), the Eradicator Superman, Man of Steel (John Henry Irons), and Cyborg Superman. I am curious if all of these characters will be brought into part 2 or whether or not we will have Superboy erased from the story, as DC Comics has done recently in their current storyline. I will give this a chance, but I have low hopes of being impressed. I know I am being geeky-critical, but this is still disappointing to me. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Death of Superman Animated – First Look – It’s in the MotherFracking New 52 Animated Universe

  1. You can be pissed that it isn’t some pre-Flashpoint continuity, but don’t go bashing the New52 when that’s not even what this is. The only thing this retains from the New52 is the high collar on his costume. If you want to bash this movie’s continuity, do it right and say it’s in the motherfracking Rebirth continuity.
    No need to beat the dead horse corpse of the continuity and it’s fans that DC gave a big middle finger to.

    1. I wish they would make their New 52 Animated Universe into a Rebirth Animated Universe. That would be so awesome! As it is, I still hate their New 52 animated movies.

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