Dick Danger – TitanMen Movie – the UNCUT review

The long awaited Jasun Mark film, Dick Danger! Yeah, baby, this was awesome! To see this movie or a particular scene, go to TitanMen.com

3 thoughts on “Dick Danger – TitanMen Movie – the UNCUT review

  1. (Try this again..my computer erased my last comment)
    Your video reviews always give me a boner. In fact you have such a passion for your subject that Im nearly convinced you have a boner doing them. Ha!
    I was impressed with the graphics in this video. I never expect to see extra production done on porn films especially graphically but, this one delivered.
    So when are you going to direct a porn video? I think you’d be good at it! I know that all your fans would like you to star in a porn film and, yes, that would be welcome…but you know what the audience wants to see. Besides, Im sure you’d be a very hands on director! 🙂
    Anyway, hope all is well!

    I look forward to your next video review!!

  2. This actually looks pretty interesting. I wish I hadn’t canceled my Titan Men membership last year. (Had to for financial reasons).

    Great review as per always, Paulie. I really liked the opening announcement you made at the start. Good job, Jasun Mark. I hope to watch this film some day soon.

    And yes, Jesse Jackman is SO FUCKING HOT! It helps that he is versatile.

  3. I love your reviews ! They are always so relevant ! Thank you !

    PS: you are really handsome 😉

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