Do You Like Dragons? What Are the Different Types of Dragons? (Informative Post)

First, I am not a Dragon expert and this is all just in fun. Second, I totally stole this idea from someone else on Facebook but he did not provide pics and I asked. He does not mind me reposting it with more images and some alterations. Third, I know there are hardcore Dragon fans out there that probably are cringing at the simplicity of this post and how wrong it probably looks in detail. But still, this is just for fun. So, here are some of the different subclasses of Dragons:

Dragon: Four Legs and two wings. Generally have large strong bodies. This is Draco from DragonHeart.

Wyvern: Two legs and Two Wings. Usually with large strong bodies. Pictured here is Drogon from Game of Thrones.

Drake: Four legs, flightless. Here’s Mushu from Mulan.

Wyrms: Very long snake like body with no wings but can fly. Meet Shenron from DragonBall Z (who does have legs sometimes and sometimes he does not, because animation.)

Lindwurms: They have two legs, usually in front and sometimes they have wings and sometimes they have no wings. They have a snake like body. I could not find anything in media that represented a Lindwurm, because no one likes Lindwurms. So here’s something close – Serpintaurs from Masters of the Universe.

Amphithere: No legs but has two wings. Have you seen the How to Train Your Dragon series on Netflix? This is a Whispering Death.

Luck Dragon: Super cute and lovable and fuzzy and they’re just make you want to hug them all the time! They have four legs, no wings and can fly. Picture from Neverending Story

Komodo dragon: Four legs, no wings, real nasty creatures. They do not have real venom, but they have so much bacteria in their saliva, that you would die of an infection if one bit you.

Bearded dragon: Four legs, No wings. Also very cute, but in a different way than Luck Dragons.

I know there’s still many other types out there and that some of these are a stretch. But still, I like this compilation. What did I miss? What other Dragons exist?