Flash of Two Worlds – Next Season of Flash is going to be EPIC!!!

Flash of Two Worlds

The CW just showed everyone what the new Jay Garrick is going to look like in the upcoming season 2 of The Flash! This character is from an alternate reality and is played by Teddy Sears. I think this season is going to be so cool. Jay Garrick is often considered to be an older version of the Flash, and in some realities, he is just as young as Barry. This is going to be interesting, being that Teddy is a pretty young man, so he is going to be similar in age to Barry in this reality. I can’t wait.

Keiynan Lonsdale Wally West

Also, if you were not aware, we also just recently saw that the CW cast Kid Flash actor, Keiynan Lonsdale. We will not get a ginger Wally, but I am still happy with the choice that we got with Australian actor Keiynan. The show is geared a bit more towards the New 52 DC Universe, which has Wally West and his family as being a black family. So it makes a lot of sense for Wally to be portrayed as black actor, like his aunt, Iris and not be adopted.

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  1. I love the homage to the “Flash of Two Worlds” that they did. I am really looking forward to this season of The Flash. I’m a fan of the multiverse (especially pre-Crisis) and I’m thrilled that they’re introducing it to the TV show.

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