Flash/Supergirl/Arrow/Heroes – More Gay Characters in the DC TV Universe & Musical Crossover


Lots of news in the DC TV Universe yesterday. I love the show Flash and I am really starting to get into Supergirl a lot more as I rewatch the first season. Executive producer Greg Berlanti said at the TCA Summer Press Tour that there will be a musical crossover with the two shows. I will watch the episodes with the hopes that Neil Patrick Harris was consulted or possibly if a musical demon shows up from the Buffyverse (Once More With Feeling). Sometimes musical episodes don’t work, and it will be interesting to see. But I will watch with hopeful optimism.

Kid Flash

Also noted by executive producer Andrew Kreisberg- A character in the four main DC Universes tv shows will explore their sexuality. No word yet on who that is going to be as of yet. It could be anyone, but I really am hoping it is a huge character and not a reoccurring background character. I know it will not be him, but this is a new Wally West in this universe. I think that it would be awesome to get a gay speedster.

Miss Martian

Also, the characters of Mon-El played by Christopher Wood and Miss Martian played by Sharon Leal are set to appear in Supergirl. Mon-El is a Daxamite, somewhat of a Kryptonian-Lite version of Superman. Same powers, different weaknesses. While Miss Martian is the ‘niece’ to the Martian Manhunter. Miss Martian is also a different race of Martians, which may play a factor in the show. It would be cool if she were ‘in the closet’ about her race as she was in the Young Justice cartoon. I would love for her to say ‘Duh, Hello Megan!’


Obsidian is also set to appear and has been cast as Lance Hendrickson. Obsidian is a gay character and the son of Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott and brother to super heroine, Jade. It has not been confirmed as to whether or not the character will be a hero or villain, but more than likely will start out as a villain similar to his comic representation.

3 thoughts on “Flash/Supergirl/Arrow/Heroes – More Gay Characters in the DC TV Universe & Musical Crossover

  1. I think it will probably be Winn in Supergirl. The other shows have a gay character and Supergirl is the only one that doesn’t. Winn is geeky too so it would be fun seeing him explore his sexuality. Wally is also a great choice since we haven’t seen that side of him yet beside some light flirting with Jessie. I love that Mon-El is going to be in Supergirl. I’m not too sure about Obsidian. I was thinking someone younger should be in the role. But I’ll hold my judgement until I see him in action.

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