Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Animated Series Review Season 1 – (SPOILERS)

Have you seen the CW Seed animated series – Freedom Fighters: The Ray? It is only 6 episodes of 6-8 min shorts, but it is so good! I may be biased being that it stars a gay superhero voiced by gay actor (and super hot) Russell Tovey, but it is a great series nonetheless. Check out my thoughts on this prequel series to the Crisis on Earth X CW Arrowverse TV crossover in the video attached.

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5 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Animated Series Review Season 1 – (SPOILERS)

  1. The minisodes were good. I hope that if it has a season 2 they explain how is it that the nazi flash is barry and not wells. I love that all the actors reprised their characters from the different shows. On a small note still no Ray costume for the review . Great review Paul I hope in season 2 we get general schott, guardian and citizen cold.

    1. Wells is from Earth 1, making him the same Professor Zoom from the Flash 1st season and Legends 2nd season, he even mentions how they’ve killed him in their past encounters and just choose to use that face to miss with Earth 1’s Barry.

      1. Oh I knew that. My question was what happen to this nazi Barry. Because he isn’t in the crossover. That was grant gustin voicing nazi flash. I would like to see when eobard came to this earth and took the mantle of nazi flash

        1. In terms of when Eobard appeared, I think he’s been coming and going from their timeline since he said he meet Hitler and I wouldn’t put it passed him killing nazi Barry just becusce it’s a Barry.

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