Gay of Thones – UNCUT Scene 4 Review – from Men.Com

Scene 4 from’s Gay of Throne series just came out! Here’s my thoughts on it.

To watch the scene, go to’s. It’s hard to miss.

This scene stars:

Colby Keller as Daario


And Toby Dutch as Daenerys Targaryen


3 thoughts on “Gay of Thones – UNCUT Scene 4 Review – from Men.Com

  1. I new that u would like the fact that they keep on their costumes.
    i look forward to the DVD of this.

    my feelings about Game of Thrones are mixed but i wont bog down the comments with it

  2. I saw the preview for it.

    The setting is good, but going by the trailer, it looked as though the guys weren’t able to get into a comfortable position for the sex. I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me on that.

    I love twincest. I really do, and I think it would be hot if started doing twincest scenes!

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