Gay of Thrones Part 5 Mancast (6).Movie_Snapshot just released Gay of Thrones Part 5!

Fuck yeah, I love this series. did such a badass job with the costumes, the scenery, and all around it was just hot. Especially love the Medieval look to everything and that it took place outside. Which outside is my favorite place for any porn scene to take place.

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This scene stars: Paddy O’Brian

Paddy OBrien

And Connor Macguire

Connor Macguire

4 thoughts on “Gay of Thrones Season 2 – Scene 5 UNCUT Review

  1. Personally as a fan I think the gay of thrones should be bare back. The condoms ruin the allure of the time period. I understand why they are used but it would add so much more.

    1. Yeah, you know, it should be bare. It would make more sense. I think some conservative gays would freak out a bit, but I do agree with you.

  2. We need more medieval gay porn. Maybe something with barbarians with body hair and muscles fighting knights on big horses swinging swords.

    And then everybody takes their clothes off and starts fucking right there on the battlefield!

    1. Love manly medieval guys going at it sexually, hot scenes. These two men are particularly suited to this since they both have Celtic roots.

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