Gay Superheroes – Hulkling & Wiccan Get Married in the Empyre Event from Marvel Comics!

Two of my favorite superheroes of all time, Hulkling and Wiccan, tie the knot and get married in the Marvel Comics event – Empyre. These characters were introduced back in 2005’s – Young Avenger series by writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung as a teenage couple fighting along side other teenage superheroes. Their relationship remained strong in the following years where writers have slowly aged them to adulthood. In the current Marvel event known as Empyre, before Hulkling left to rule as Dorrek VIII -Emperor of the united Skrull and Kree Empires, the two secretly decided to get married with their Young Avenger teammates as guests. This is so cool!!! I smiled so much at this and cannot wait to see their future stories. They should have their ongoing comic book. Check out my thoughts on this in the attached video. What do you think of this?

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