GayComicGeek Vlog November 2020

Hey there all you gay geeky people! It’s been some time since I’ve posted on my website. My hosting site is GoDaddy and they give me lots of crap almost daily about the adult content I post and that they’re not the right platform but at the same time want me to upgrade to a higher hosting capability. They really contradict themselves a lot. It really sucks since I’m stuck in a contract with this site for another year. I may end up cutting my losses and just port my site to a competitor like BlueHost or HostGator. In the meantime I’ve been posting more on my Facebook Page and Patreon.

Anyways, here’s a couple updates in my life that I’ve posted here and there on other social media websites. I have been going into my puppy side lately with a lot of gear and more ‘self play’ time. I have 6 hoods now and lots of paws and tails. SOOOO many tails! It’s been helping with some of the isolation that’s driving all of us insane lately. I should post many more of those pics.

I invested in a Mr S Leather jock that’s specifically for funking it up. I have totally got my pheromones all over it. I’ve sweat in it, pissed on it and jizzed it the fuck up! I love it. I wear it almost every time I work out now.

I’ve been trying a new hair cut for a future Viking cosplay. It’s still very new and no where near long enough. I may break and trim the back. Been getting a lot of compliments on it. Hopefully conventions will go on again next year.

Remember my first Robin vs Bane shoot (above)? Well guess what?

I’m going to be doing a NEW Bane vs. Robin cosplay. I’ll be playing a very different Robin that I’ve never done before. Specifically I’ll be the original Robin in the great scaled short shorts and my Bane will be wearing the mask I’m sporting above.

Speaking of cosplays, I’ve been working on quiet a few of them. Like Dr Strange.

And Homelander

Have you ever worn an adult onesie? It’s interesting and I gotta say it not a bad feeling. It’s kinda tough to get on and off though since it buttons from underneath.

And lastly, I’ve been spending way too much on toys lately. I mean I’m not traveling and doing anything other than work, so I guess why not? My apartment is too tiny and I have no idea where I’m going to put Snake Mountain. I’m so glad I did invest in it a couple years back.

Anyways, how you guys doing? If my site doesn’t crash yet again, I hope I can post regularly again. Maybe even daily? Hopefully? I’m not even sure anyone will be able to even see this post but I’m hoping at least a couple of you can view it. I hope you all are well and I hope to hear from you awesome people!

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