Genderbend Cosplay – Some Really Awesome Male Costumes Exist

It is obvious that there are far more pictures of female cosplayers online, even though the ratio of cosplayers in my experience has been more lop sided with males being the majority of costumers at conventions. Females just get more attention from the heterosexual photographers, which is completely normal. But there are lots of male costumers out there. Which is why I focus on them. And there are lots of men that love female characters enough to make their own version of these female characters. The picture above is of Brandon Lowe Videos. He’s a cool guy and does lots of YouTube vids too. I posted that picture on another account and it blew up with lots of likes and comments. I never really thought about the genderbent issue, I was just posting because it has two costumers kissing. The genderbend issue just came into my head now. There are a lot of awesome, sometimes very sexualized versions of female characters that exist.
Harvey Quinn

I have done my own genderbent costume with HARVEY Quinn at DragonCon last year. But other than that, I have never really thought of doing another costume similar to this. It is something that I have to do and think more about. There’s lots of characters to choose from.
Wonder Man 2

It used to be much more taboo for costumers to dress as a character that is traditionally female. But this has changed a lot in the past couple of years. Not that gay men do not do their own versions of female characters, but the idea that a heterosexual male doing a female character is not as scary to the hetero population. When I went to Katsucon a couple months ago, I saw many males that were dressing as misc anime characters that were generally suppose to be women. I have no idea about their sexuality, but they all couldn’t identify as one orientation.
Korra Group

I am happy that the cosplay world is so accepting of any gender to be made into costume form. I have considered doing another female superhero, I just don’t know who. I did Harley Quinn originally because I wanted an excuse to wear a read leather harness at a comic book convention. Now I want to do want a costume that is similar to my other superhero costumes that I choose. Which that means, the character would have to have a special meaning to me. I love Robin and I’ve done multiple versions of his costume. Same with Daredevil. I need to identify a female character that I love so that I can do the same thing and make a legit genderbent version of her costume. Any ideas?
Here’s some cool genderbent costumes I’ve seen through my cosplay experiences and online.

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  1. Just in case you haven’t already you should check out #80sXmen on Twitter. It has a lot of awesome drawing of xmen characters dressed in 80s outfits!

  2. The muscle guy in the black and white outfit is Power Lad who was abusive to Supergirl.

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