Ghostbusters and Wonder Woman Plus a Godzilla vs King Kong Teaser?!

Holy crimson skies of death! We get a Wonder Woman trailer and our first look at the new Ghostbusters plus just a blink and you’ll miss it moment of Godzilla vs. King Kong that was shown in CCXP in Brazil?! This is a great day to be a geek!

Wonder Woman is something that I have been eagerly waiting to see for months. There are so many questions. We still do not know how Kristin Wiig will become the iconic villain Cheetah, but it’s cool to see her in the trailer. How the hell is Steve Trevor returning back? Wonder Woman is using her tiara to take out video surveillance, so does that mean they’re staying with the Batman v Superman continuity that she has operated in the shadows? Did we see a wall being torn down…I may be reaching on that, hell’s yes! The highlight of course for me was seeing Wonder Woman swing around from lightning bolt to lightning bolt.

In Ghostbusters, we have a sequel to the original Ghostbusters from the 80s. I will not bash the 2016 reboot that is now considered an alternate universe, but this trailer hit the right feels for me. We see Egon’s grandkids now taking up the mantle and inheriting his former Ghostbusters tech and gear. Who did Egon end up marrying? I am curious about that. Most of the original cast is set to make some appearances in this movie and I am so onboard!!!

As for the Godzilla/Kong footage shown in Brazil, it is very miniscule. We see a Kong that is about the same height of Godzilla about to punch him. I know Kong is the underdog in this fight and is at a huge disadvantage with no real powers to take on Godzilla, but I am willing to bet that this fight will be even more epic than when Godzilla took on Ghidorah. Kong is my boy and I am going to be rooting for him throughout the movie. Little side note, the original King Kong movie in the 30s is my definitive favorite classic movie of all time.

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