Godfather Part 4- UNCUT Review from Men.com- The FINAL Chapter

Here it is, the Final Men.com’s Godfather Scene! So sad that this series is ending. I hope they make follow ups later.

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This scene Stars: Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar

Brenner Bolton

Brenner Bolton

Roman Todd

Roman Todd

Seth Sentaro

Seth Santoro

2 thoughts on “Godfather Part 4- UNCUT Review from Men.com- The FINAL Chapter

  1. I like this parody series even though is loosely based not like they other ones where they almost the same scene except with guys.

    I wonder why Jacob wasn’t here since series like bear weekend and daddy workplace had orgies where the character are related and not step family. They usually fix it by dividing them in group in the scene that the dad/son uncle/nephew switch from one to another.

    Btw did you hear about talllywacker the male “hooters”? I thought it was an April fools thing but it actually real

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