Handsfree – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review with Dallas Steele and Robbie Rojo

Hands Free Men at Play (2).Movie_Snapshot

Men at Play is a pretty hot site. One of their newer scenes called Hands Free has that scenario where we start out with someone in view of a guy getting their dick sucked but the patron is unaware of it happening. That’s awesome. Check out my thoughts on the video below.

To see the full video scene head over to MenAtPlay.com

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This scene stars: Dallas Steele

Dallas Steele

And Robbie Rojo

Robbie Rojo

7 thoughts on “Handsfree – Men at Play UNCUT Scene Review with Dallas Steele and Robbie Rojo

  1. Frankly, fairly often you – the gay comic geek – never shows what’s going on below your chest during your various videos on various topics! Just how do we the audience “know” that something else is not going on? In every video, you seem very energetic and really happy! I’m just saying that – you seem to be enjoying yourself.So just WHAT is going on – on screen during the part that we can not see? Do you have knees? (LOL- Ha, ha!)

  2. There’s quite a number of Japanese porn that does this. E.g. On a public bus where people get on and off, a guy will be splucked on the bus by a bunch of guys, cummed on by them all while the other passengers do nothing. Some people give a glance, but then turn away not acknowledging the porn going on. I have seen bus, train and a room full of people, like for a meeting.

  3. Men At Play is one of my favorite sites. I love the shedding of the public persona and showing the private persona underneath (sorry, it’s the sociologist in me). It’s such a turn on to watch.

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