He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Movie has a new Writer

He-Man Master of the Universe

Awesome news! We have confirmation from Variety.com now that Christopher Yost, the writer for the third installment of the Thor movies -Thor:Ragnarok. That’s not all Yost has done, but it seems to be the biggest entertainment piece of late that everyone focuses on the most. Needless to say, I am pretty excited. Wary that this will fall through like so many other failed attempts to make a Masters of the Universe film, but still very hopful.

If you’re a hardcore He-Man and The Masters of the Universe fan, then you know the pain of waiting for a new live action movie. Fans have been teased for years that a new movie will one day be made since the 1980s version of Masters of the Universe hit theaters. Many, many, many people hated it, but it has grown a bit of a cult following in a small population of He-Man fans.

Tim Drake reunion with Superboy

Christopher Yost also wrote for the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution as well as (Avengers) Earth Mightiest Heroes. Both shows were incredible and I believe are some of the better planned out series that I’ve seen. He has also written my favorite comic book character of all time- Tim Drake- in his Red Robin series from DC Comics. So he definitely has the geek credibility under his belt. Can he write He-Man and Masters of the Universe to be faithful to the source material, but still make it relevant to modern cinema? I hope so and I’m going to be waiting for this to develop with very positive thinking.

Castle Grayskull

I am sure that everyone is aware of the background of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but in case anyone is not aware, here’s a short synopsis. Originally He-Man was a powerful barbarian warrior that was modeled off of Conan. He lived on the planet of Eternia where he fought to keep evil from taking an ancient power that resided within an equally ancient castle called Grayskull. His greatest foe was a skull faced villain called Skeletor. The planet possessed lots of magic and sorcery but was also technologically advanced. Later the story was altered and He-Man was written to be the alter ego to an Eternian Prince named Adam son of King Randor. Adam was a half human/half Eternian twin, whose sister, Adora, was abducted as a baby by an evil force even greater than Skeletor, Hordak of the Horde Empire. The series continued on with Adam possessing the power of He-Man who fought evil on Eternia as having two identities that was secret to all but a few people that were close to him.

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