Lately I have been revisiting a game series that I loved a few years back. A lot of you have heard of the series Bioshock. A survival horror game that involves an array of super powers and weapons. The first two games takes place in an underwater city called Rapture while the 3rd instalment takes place in an sky city called Columbia. These games hold a dear place to me for the inventive ways of a survival horror game. I remember going through them and each game I usually picked the same route. Get a power up that would immobilize my opponents (Winter Blast, Electric Bolt, Shock Jockey, and Undertow) and beat them until they’re no more. Get a power up that I can send minions in to get enemies out of hiding or have minions do my bidding (There are various plasmids and vigors that do this).

Murder of Crows

This was my first survival horror game I ever beat. I felt so powerful toward the end of each game. In the beginning i remember pausing the game and being very hesitant to move on. You see I scare easily. You can ask anyone that has seen me watch a horror movie. I specifically remember this one time while at my friends house and playing Bioshock 2. It was early on in the game and I had just beaten up a horde of enemies and was low on health and ammo. I brought up my map to see where a save point was or to see where a place to refuel was. I went to go refuel and all of a sudden the music changes to let me know a Big Sister is about to battle me. I freeze then move forward because I hope that she is further away. You see these bosses are tough early on and I did not want to have to start over. Then as I move even more forward I see her through the glass in front of me. I think “fuck this I’ll head back and save first” and I turn around and BOOM she is in my face ready to kill me. I literally screamed so loud and dropped my controller. My best friend had laughed so hard at my expense.

Big Sister

The way these games have meaning and twists is what makes them even greater. One of my favorite quotes is from Andrew Ryan, the antagonist of the first game and creator of Rapture, he says “We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us”. People complain about the second game not being as good, but that is their opinion. Each one has its ups and downs. I intend on going through each of these games and telling my updated story. This time will be a different and will focus on different power ups. If you want to stay updated on my achievements and playthroughs head over to my twitter and check it out. I will be posting about it next week. For now here is a picture I edited that got me in the mood to play. Also it is the beginning of horror season.