Hikaru Sulu – Mr. Sulu from Star Trek is Gay – Good or Bad?


Mr. Sulu will be a character in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie. Some people are outraged, some people are happy. Some could care less. I personally think this is great news. There are so few mainstream gay men portrayed in sci fi movies, this is a welcome change. Heterosexuals are generally pandered to on a regular basis, so it is a bit of a shock, but I think this is a very positive move on writer Simon Pegg’s part. What do you think?

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1 thought on “Hikaru Sulu – Mr. Sulu from Star Trek is Gay – Good or Bad?

  1. I read that George Takei was disappointed that they’d ‘re-written’ an established character instead of introducing another one and said they were effectively changing Gene Roddenberry’s vision and aking Sulu a closet case (perhaps implying he was ashamed of it). I, however, kind of side with Simon Pegg, who said that by taking an established character who (in this universe at least) had never had their sexuality mentioned and having it just turn out that he’s gay, they’re trying to be realistic to the kind of world that doesn’t see sexuality as an issue (i.e. Sulu was gay already – it just never came up before).

    In the real world, most people meet someone first and later find out they’re gay. In some cases it makes a difference but in most – once people have got used to the idea – they realise it doesn’t actually change who that person is at all. That’s what they were doing with this Sulu. If they’d created a new character purely to hang the ‘gay character’ label on, they’d have been making them the token gay character (i.e. that’s all they’re there for – just to be the gay one and for no other reason). So I think they made the correct decision here.

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