Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Jay Tallsquall

Many of my costuming friends are hot, and all of them look great in costume. But a couple of them I can accurately say are literal superheroes. Or at least they have the body of a real superhero. My buddy Jay has the physique of a body builder, minus the rage. I say that because he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and also one of the coolest geeks out there too. His costumes are incredible. Check out some of his pics below. He doesn’t have a fan page, but he definitely should. I gotta say, his hotness helps with the fact that he has the muscle to back up his larger characters like Captain Marvel and Thor. But I gotta say, my favorite pic of him is the first one, with him just under the shower. Look at that tanline. Tell me that’s not sexy! What do you think? (And yes, he is also straight. I’ll have a gay costumer up eventually, I promise!)

If you want to follow Jay, his Instagram is:

9 thoughts on “Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Jay Tallsquall

  1. I’ve been a fan of Jay’s for a while now! Awesome Captain Marvel and Cosmic Boy! Thanks for sharing, Paul!

  2. DAMN!, Staffelcock!! This guy’s a Prime AAA slab of man meat. I think you’ve found the guy who could be Batman to that new Robin costume you’re working on. His physique looks like stacked river rock with a layer of skin stretched over it. An impressive body thanks to CGI, Cruel Gym Itinerary. He’s to be admired not just for the way he looks, but also for the commitment it took to get there. And yeah, that first photo is a killer!

  3. Holy hell this guy is ripped and hot as fuck! Does he have a Tumblr or Instagram?

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