I had a dream that I was in this position once

Seriously. I have sex dreams every now and then, not a lot, but occasionally I do have sex dreams. And I swear I was in this exact same position as this guy is. Only I think I was being more forced into the situation. Which made it so much hotter.

Center stage

5 thoughts on “I had a dream that I was in this position once

  1. I agree. The action leading up to the act can be equally as hot. For all we know this male may be an unwilling participant. Targeted for abduction by a bunch of thugs looking for lone male that will suit their purpose. Watching his every avenue of escape close except one. To strip and kneel before his kidnappers and then wait obediently while buttons are undone to reveal broad, thick chests with sculpted pecs above chiseled abs. Glancing up barely to see trousers of leather and denim pulled down as cocks tumble forth and heavy, cum filled balls descend. Trying to hide his own engorging manhood so as not to appear compliant. Listening to barked commands as he’s pushed and positioned where wanted. Then a constant barrage of stiff, dripping cocks that force their way down his throat and up his ass while rough hands milk his own dick, but deny him orgasm. The co-mingled musk of men, sweat and semen is heavy and the captive is unable to count the number of men or times he’s been violated. Then, finally, the victim is allowed to slump to the floor. Disoriented and almost delusional he convulses as his own climax is at last allowed. One violent ejaculation after another expels his seed to join that of his attacker’s deluge that covers him from head to toe. Barely coherent the male clings to the thought that enduring this ordeal was his only way to obtain his release. Then a low, rough voice utters, “Not bad. This guy’s a keeper”.

  2. Was it like this pic where you didn’t see their faces OR were you able to and you found out it was someone famous?

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