Whoa, this is a badass issue! Bobby has finally came out to his parents but also has to deal with Juggernaut wreaking havoc. This is a great issue in this ongoing series and I have to say that I am loving Bobby Drake’s story. Sina Grace is the writer and Alessandro Vitti is the artist for this issue.

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1 thought on “Iceman #5 – Comic Book Review – Iceman vs Juggernaut AWESOME! (SPOILERS)

  1. This was the best issue so far. I wasn’t surprised by his parents’ reactions since they barely accept that he’s a mutant. I like that Sina is finally exploring how powerful Bobby really is. I don’t remember him turning into vapor before. The letter to his parents was heartbreaking and I’m glad it ended on a somber, yet hopeful note. I hope he starts dating and that it’s a humorous experience for the readers. I really want Hercules to start flirting with Bobby during the Champions reunion.

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