In Full View -UNCUT TitanMen Movie review!

Here’s my thoughts on the new TitanMen movie, In Full View!

Check out the movie at TitanMen’s website to order it. It’s a fucking awesome movie!

The movie stars, Hunter Marx


Trent Davis


Tony Orion


Johnny Parker


Topher Dimaggio


And Rogue Status


2 thoughts on “In Full View -UNCUT TitanMen Movie review!

  1. I still miss good old Titan threesomes and orgies. (remember legendary Men’s room, pt1). And I miss the slightly absurd but arousing storylines (remember Copperhead Canyon or Alabama Takedown).

    I know you’re not in Titan management. But I don’t get as euphoric with the recent Titan films as you do obviously.

    Thanks for the review though.

  2. I thought that to!

    “Rogue Status sounds like a sci-fi term, or something from a game.”

    There was something up with this video, though. When you started talking about the third scene, the clips from the second scene played over. Thought you’d want to know.

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