Is DC Comics deliberately Gay Baiting Nightwing – Dick Grayson?

If anyone ever asks, which comic book character is the biggest player? Nine times out of ten, even non-comic book fans will say Dick Grayson. He has had countless girlfriends, lovers, and just random sleeping partners. What’s even better is that he’s almost always still friends with all of his ex-partners. There’s so many theories as to why writers made Dick into such a pretty boy that is also a huge player. One of the wider theories is that Dick is actually bisexual or possibly gay. Even since his introduction, there seemed to be a focus on his and Bruce’s relationship that did not go unnoticed. Never explicitly stated, but so many people could see some underlying features.

We won’t go into the age differences and the possible pedophilia aspect of what this could entail. We will just assume that Bruce was being a father and allowed Dick to sleep in his bed for a bit of time before adjusting to his home at Wayne Manor. But could Dick’s sexual appetite actually be a sign that he is compensating for his desire for the same gender?

Sometimes I think that DC writers deliberately gay bait Dick Grayson and make readers think- ‘Wait, is he gay?’ In issue #9 of Grayson, written by Tom King and Tim Seeley has full page spread of Grayson asking straight- ‘Am I Straight?’ Granted, this is taken out of context, this is suppose to be Dick asking whether or not his ‘tie’ was straight. But this is just blatant gay baiting. It’s humorous and I enjoy what is being done, but there is a certain point that readers have to wonder what the writers are really intending for their character.

It would definitely explain a lot of Dick’s character if his sexuality was pulled into question. In the end, it really does not matter since each writer has their own unique way of portraying their characters. Any character that has been heterosexual for the duration of their history who suddenly are outed as being gay, despite many gay overtones, is still going to cause a huge uproar within the geek and non-geek community alike.

Just look at what happened when the alternate teenage version of Iceman was forced out of the closet by Jean Grey. Some fans went ballistic and thought that their best friend was just accused of murder.

Regardless, in the end, doesn’t everyone love Dick? Grayson that is. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Is DC Comics deliberately Gay Baiting Nightwing – Dick Grayson?

  1. I read Grayson and I love it. It’s a fun spy story and something that’s constantly fresh in my pull list. The only time I was ever kind of mad at it is when they said that Grasyon’s cover at the all girls boarding school is the school’s gym teacher, who is also gay. I get why they said part of his cover was to be gay, because prior in the issue four girls were trying to get at him and if the girls thought he was gay maybe they wouldn’t dress up in costumes and do acrobatics in trees just to get a piece of that ass. The problem I have with it, is that it was used as a punch line. And as of yet has only come up once.

    If they had actually used it in the story in some way then it would be ok. Personally I would like him to actually meet a gay man and start a false relationship with him to keep up this cover. His false relationship with the man could also mirror him working as a double agent in the spy organization and as he actually starts to like this man (platonically) he also becomes friends with people in the organization and is torn in both situations on if he’s doing the right thing.

    However, no matter what, I still love Grayson. His new partner Agent 1 is really hot as well and I hope he’s actually gay.

  2. Is that Iceman picture an official thing from the comics? ’cause if it is, they gay bated the FUCK out of that thing! Just look at that bulge!

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