So, would you buy a Slave Leia toy for a kid? Apparently there’s a big deal being made by a dad over the Slave Leia toy being released in just about all toy stores. Keep in mind, the toys are more meant for adult collectors, but like many toys, they’re still displayed in kid sections of any store. This goes without saying Toys R Us is almost 100% kid friendly. Or it should be at least. The father in this video does make valid points, and we should make strong role models for young girls to live up to, but come on. Slave Leia is shown in the movie and most kids have seen Return of the Jedi. Multiple times. I dare ask if he’s shown his girls the movie, and if so, then he’s a hypocrite.

I don’t know, it seems odd that a parent would have any issue with a toy like this when there are many other toys that could be considered much more objectionable. I don’t think he looked through some of the other toy aisles. If he has a problem with this, I’m surprised he didn’t have an issue with the serial murder toys that exist. I mean sheltering kids from every aspect of society is not how to build a strong independent child.

Watch the news video below and tell me what do you think. Is this a bad thing? Do you agree with the dad?

FOX 32 News Chicago

4 thoughts on “Is Slave Leia toy bad?

  1. I think the parent is putting too much of his own thoughts into the question of his children. They asked why the toy was wearing a chain, not ‘why is this doll so scantily clad?’ He’s about 30 years too late with this complaint since that toy has been in the stores long before now too. He also missed a good opportunity to educate his kids about what slavery is and why it’s bad because he’s too worried that they might see Princess Leias fun-bags.

  2. I think this has been blown out of proportion. While Leia IS a cultural icon, there are FAR worse depictions of women that deserve condemnation. Least us not forget that, while Leia WAS subjugated in Return of the Jedi, she also chain-choked the fuck out of Jabba the Hutt.

    This does feel a tad bit hypocritical. I’m all for women being treated in an equal fashion, but this at best complaining about the wrong thing for the right reason.

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