Is this how You’re SUPPOSE to Wrestle?

Wrestling 1

Is this the way we’re suppose to be wrestling? FUCK, I’ve been doing it wrong. Quick, I need to practice with someone now! We need to do this outside and with grease and weird looking pants. Where is this from? Is it porn or am I just stumbling across an actual wrestling match in like, Latveria or something?

Wrestling 2

Wrestling 3

Wrestling 4

5 thoughts on “Is this how You’re SUPPOSE to Wrestle?

  1. You’re even allowed to reach inside the front of your opponent’s trunks, and wrap your arm around their crotch (for a better hold). I think one of the rules is that if your trunks come loose, or your genitalia is exposed (I don’t think they wear underwear in these), you lose. Oddly enough, Turkey is suppose to be a very homophobic country.

  2. its Turkish oil wrestling, it is thr national sport. The wrestlers, known as pehlivan meaning “hero” or “champion” they wear a type of hand-stitched lederhosen called a kisbet, which is traditionally made of water buffalo hide, and most recently has been made of calfskin.

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