It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Did Mac Just…Spoilers!


Did Mac FINALLY come out of the closet on the show – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Holy fracking hell. I’ve been watching this FX(X) show since the beginning and they have hinted and blatantly called Mac, actor Rob McElhenney, as a closeted gay man for years. Lately it has been much more obvious. This past week’s 11th season, episode 9 was titled The Gang Goes to Hell Part 1. In it, Mac finally admits that he is gay to the very unsurprised ‘gang’ who all already knew this themselves for years.

Mac gay surprised

This show is definitely not for the faint of heart and not for people who are offended easily. The characters are horrible people. In fact, Horrible People was going to be the name of the show originally. Rob McElhenney created the show with Glenn Howerton who plays the sociopath character Dennis. Charlie Day, who plays the possibly mentally handicapped Charlie, joins them in writing the episodes. Dennis’s twin sister, Dee, is played by Kaitlin Olson who is also the real life wife to McElhenney, to which they have two children together. One of which was shown in the show and had an entire story arc revolve around. Danny Devito plays Frank, the supposed father of Dee and Dennis, later to be found out that he was not the legitimate father, but could possibly be the father to Charlie. Long story.

Mac Gay

Anyways, the characters work and own a bar and go through a variety of adventures that generally end up in very bad. All the characters are incredibly narcissistic and self involved and oblivious to their surroundings to the point that they sometimes have no regard to other people’s feelings. The show is currently in its 11th season.

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Mac has never been shown to sleep with a male character in the show on screen, unless you count his Carmen, who was a pre-op transsexual woman. Later she completed the surgery and married, to Mac’s dismay as she was the closest thing to a person that he cared about in the show. However he has been shown to do many acts that show he is a gay man. He mentions many gay references, he has self loathing feelings that conflicts with his religious nature, and he has opportunities to sleep with women and passes on them regularly. He even found an excuse to go to a gay bar in a recent episode where he returned back in green glitter. Mac even imagines God as being a shirtless muscle beefcake daddy.

The gang has known that Mac is a closeted gay man for years. They joke about it and even hint towards Mac to come out. Mac’s cousin, Country Mac played by Sean William Scott, shows up in the show and is everything that Mac aspires to be and is a proud out gay man. The irony that Sean William Scott is playing this character as many people say that he is a gay man himself, is excellent.

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This episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is great. But will it count, or will it be a dream sequence? The episode starts out in Heaven. Yes, in Heaven. And it is a two parter. So anything can happen in next week’s episode. As the title says, The Gang Goes to Hell. So chances are, they will be in Hell next episode. It is a fitting end to the season, but it is not the end of the series. A 12th season has been approved and will be filmed. But this could be an excellent way to end the series if this was the closing of the show. I hope that Mac stays out of the closet. It would be great to have a season with Mac being out as a proud gay man in the last season. Many new storylines with that in mind can be developed.